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November 28, 2016

Our stay at the resort was fantastic. The staff were friendly and easy to talk to. Compare to other resorts, everything was cheaper and the room was stylish and clean. We were amazed by the quality of food. We got to eat a lot of authentic Maldivian food at Maldivian night. Despite the price I didn't expect they would serve so many varieties of food with good quality. After dinner we went to see Bodu Beru dance. I didn't dance but it was good to feel Maldivian culture.

I am truly thankful to Ohisama tour as they arranged everything without any troubles. I can trust this travel agency as I have seen how much they care about their guests.(30代 女性)

November 27, 2016

I went to Kuda Bandos with my friends. We were looking for a resort with decent price and good quality. As they opened recently, we decided to go there. Ohisama tour staff came to see us off at the jetty even though that was night time and, on top of that, raining. She stayed with us till the speed boat came.

We went for snorkelling at the resort. The beach was clean and the water was crystal clear. The cleanness of the ocean was amazing. We wish we could stay longer but times flied so fast. We will definitely come back to that resort to taste their cuisines, escape from the busy life, and relax on that great island.(20代 女性)

October 10, 2016





オーガナイザーさんのお陰で、何のトラブルもなく安全にyogaの生徒さんもお連れでき、モルディブの海、朝日、夕陽、星空も見れ、島の人々の優しさ、子ども達の笑顔に癒され、モルディブのエネルギーを感じる素敵な旅となりました。そして、綺麗なお魚やサンゴ、海の透明度に感動すると共に、モルディブの抱えるゴミ問題も目の当たりにし、私達一人ひとりが意識し、意識のない人達にも少しでも気づいてもらえるような活動を繋げて行きたいと思いました。ともかく、日本人オーガナイザーさんの心配りで、安心・リーゾナブルな価格で体験できるモルディブ! おひさまツアーオススメです‼︎(ヨガインストラクター)

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